The Day A Rat Led Me In Prayer

Source: The Day A Rat Led Me In Prayer


Yousef al-Khattab

Machiavellian Modern Day Muslim Brotherhood


Looks like some in Ikhwan Muslimeen have a great new Machiavellian strategy. Raise money for the victims of a terror attack they had nothing to do with in the wealthiest city and center of European banking. Also to raise money for the wealthy USAmerican Jewish community whose graveyards were vandalized by some scumbags that have nothing to do with us. These two causes are very important to try to win favor upon the masses that will (in most cases) ALWAYS consider us a bunch of barbaric sand niggers. Meanwhile our brothers and sisters in Somalia and Yemen starve due to war and famine. I think Ikhwan would be better highlighting the work and efforts of their government in Ghaza under a brutal occupation rather trying to win acceptance using a false pretense to try to be accepted. Just my two cents…

Yousef al-Khattab

Islam in Totality, Not Just In RIS Gatherings


Alhumdulillah with all the anti Islamic sentiment and proposed prohibitive man-made laws changing from media propaganda into actual implementation, Muslims can return to our concept of a united Ummah under a Khalifa,King or Leader that is Islamocentric. One not fearing the blame of the blamers or the occupation of the occupiers. Indeed Islam is the solution. Perhaps working towards a Ottoman revival may now be reconstituted and implemented.  Why live where we are not really wanted or valued inwardly and outwardly?We may not be able to accomplish this goal on the ground, but at VERY least we can do it in our minds insha’Allah.

Yousef al-Khattab

Why did I Make This Site?


Well to be honest, I am really old school and don’t like being forced to be ‘friends’ with somebody on Facebook that I don’t know in order to learn about them and their ideas. I have a problem with being associated with people that may have homosexual sympathizers, people that claim to be Muslim yet love occult practices etc, etc as their Facebook friends.


I am a big fan of the science of Purification of the Heart, (although I am a VERY poor example of it) but I do not like to be in groups of weirdos that have a grave fetish and collect and spread pictures of the dead Muslim clergy like baseball cards. Indeed reading Qur’an for and on the dead is a tremendously virtuous good dead, propagating shrines and monuments that are not even supposed to be there in the first place gets a little nauseating for me.


I am tired of limp wrist-ted USAmerican pseudo traditionalists fueled by leadership that were indoctrinated  at The Hartford Seminary a school ranked 1,178 out of 1,953 US colleges. Don’t get me wrong there maybe some very brilliant alumni there but USAmerican Liberal Arts Muslims are really not my personal forte. These people and all their minority fiqh and make peace with those that want to exploit us cronies are just not my style and there are tons of them on Facebook.

I also need a place unlike Twitter that I can try to express myself in more than 140 characters. I have multiple personalities and each of them requires LOTS of text :). Thus my friends and foes, I need this little corner of the internet to be me and to clear up any misinformation out there about me and also to vent. Please feel free to contact me and comment. I do not allow every post but it is worth a shot. Insha’Allah the most important part of this site will be the Islamic links and posts and REALLY hope you take the time to look through them. Insha’Allah I am building this site like an alcoholic (One Day At A Time) so please be patient insha’Allah.

Thank You,

Bro Yousef