My Info

Name: Yousef Mohamid al-Khattab

Place of Birth: Atlantic City, N.J.

D.O.B. August 15, 1968

Married: Yes since 1991

Children: 4

Grandchildren: 2

Education: Atlantic Cape Community College Academy of Culinary Arts-Graduated 2011

High School Equivalency Diploma

Places I have lived: Palestine 1998-2005, Morocco 2005-2014 (1/2), USA 1968-98, 2014-2017

Background: 100% Heeb no converts or non Heebs in my family in our history until my grand-kids who are 1/2 Arab and 1/2 Kashmiri. My family are Kohaneem or Cohen decedents of Prophet Aaron through my paternal line. All this means absolutely nothing to my family because Islam is our only identity and my kids culture and language is Arabic alhumdulillah.

I grew up in a secular Jewish home and attended school until 9th grade. I left school and went to work and at age 18 started to question what life was about. I lived in a nice condo over looking the Atlantic Ocean and managed a store. At the time VCRs were new,available and inexpensive. I stopped smoking pot when I was 15 so at 18 it was pretty much work then watching movies & dating babes. This got to be so boring that I wondered if this is what life was about??? I had a discussion with a Christian missionary and he told me something I was not sure of and contacted a Rabbinical Rabbi (Talmudist). Eventually this led me to Rabbinical Judaism and I remained with that devoutly for over 14 years. I learned in a Yeshiva and in kolel after work.


I always had an admiration for Islam and one day while getting my car fixed on Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn I read an article in Time Magazine that had in interview with Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman and I was VERY moved by his words and his certitude. MY family at this time was growing and the social services that ‘Israel’ offered us, seemed like it would be perfect for us. In 1998 we relocated to Gush Qatif (Ghaza 67) and then Netivot (Ghaza 48). I had met a Muslim from UAE online there and spent days discussing Islam. He convinced me to purchase a Qur’an in Arab East Jerusalem and there I met a dear friend Wajdi who I would spend days with discussing al-Islam. To make a long story short we were the first family in the history of the Zionist Entity that converted to Islam together.


We moved to the west bank and my kids were all educated by the Palestinian Authority alhumdulillah we lived well there and the Palestinians are SUPER hospitable people may Allah reward them. (to be continued insha’Allah)