Yousef al-Khattab

Machiavellian Modern Day Muslim Brotherhood


Looks like some in Ikhwan Muslimeen have a great new Machiavellian strategy. Raise money for the victims of a terror attack they had nothing to do with in the wealthiest city and center of European banking. Also to raise money for the wealthy USAmerican Jewish community whose graveyards were vandalized by some scumbags that have nothing to do with us. These two causes are very important to try to win favor upon the masses that will (in most cases) ALWAYS consider us a bunch of barbaric sand niggers. Meanwhile our brothers and sisters in Somalia and Yemen starve due to war and famine. I think Ikhwan would be better highlighting the work and efforts of their government in Ghaza under a brutal occupation rather trying to win acceptance using a false pretense to try to be accepted. Just my two cents…


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